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Rock Your Asana Flow + Stretch

This class is taught by:
Torn between a heart-pounding power flow and being able to chill in pigeon or child's pose for a few minutes? This class is for you and is set to ambient soundscapes that pump you up and then help you relax. The first 25-30 minutes of class is devoted to yoga based workout moves with a twist. We might go from chair into pistol squats or from a side lunge into skaters to get your workout in, your body moving, and with a focus on really building strength. Once all that hard work is done, the music slows and the lights go down as we finish the class doing yin yoga. Most postures are on the mat and are held from 2-5 minutes with blocks and straps for support as we ease into the stretches and into a calmer state of mind. Get the best of both worlds in this class.