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Hannah is a Campus Minister with Cru at UNC Chapel Hill whose "happy place" is clipping in on a bike! Growing up as a competitive dancer and cheerleader, Hannah’s love of music and fitness runs deep. Upon entering college at UNC Chapel Hill she began experimenting with new forms of exercise, becoming passionate about running and pushing herself at the gym. She took her first cycling class at RIDE in 2014 and was instantly sold on the combination of high intensity cardio and opportunity for fun and inventive choreography. Hannah’s classes focus on enjoying exploring your body’s capability and pushing your mental limits. She is excited for you to come sweat with her!

Hannah instructs the following:
  • Express RIDE
  • This 50 minute class gets you in and out in a flash. You will work your body with of sprints, hills, intervals and jumps all set to motivating music. This class will provide a challenging workout for all levels. Heart rate monitors are recommended.